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Tuesday 20 November 2018


1730 -1930 Welcome Reception @ Bells functions, Swan River

Wednesday 21 November 2018


730 Registration Opens, Registration Desk, Conference Floor, arrival tea and coffee
830 – 1000 Conference Opening Plenary
James Lush, Master of Ceremonies
Welcome to Country
Marie Taylor
Opening Address
FASD – The State of Play in Australia
Professor Elizabeth Elliott, University of Sydney and Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

All is not lost – The art of living with hope
Claire Gyde, FASD-CAN Incorporated

1000-1030 Morning Tea – Conference Exhibition Hall
Concurrent Sessions 1
1030-1200 Prevention Supporting Young People Diagnosis National Activities
Is the occasional drink harmful in pregnancy? Evidence from a cohort study
Professor Jane Halliday
FASD in an Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Service
Dr Bronwyn Milne
Developing protocols for assessing young children: The QLD FASD-Y Clinics
Professor Sharon Dawe
FASD Hub Australia: a novel resource for clinicians, caregivers, researchers and policy-makers
Ms Heather Jones
& Mr Peter O’Malley
Preventing FASD by improving service providers capacity to discuss alcohol and substance use with women
Dr Nancy Poole
A Strengths and Rights-Based Model to Help Young People with FASD have Understanding and Voice
A /Professor Anita Gibbs
FASD diagnosis in Australia: who, where, how and why?
Diagnostic patterns from 3 years of national case surveillance using the Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit (APSU)
Dr Marcel Zimmet
Pregnant Pause: Be a hero, take zero
Ms Kamara Buchanan
Strengthening the message about pregnancy and alcohol
Ms Susan Hickson
Tristan’s Story Outcomes for parents & caregivers of FASD diagnostic service
Dr Andrew Wood
Community priorities for FASD research
Ms Narelle Mullan
Characteristics and modifiable factors associated with periconceptional drinking
Dr Sherly Parackal
What strategies do Australian psychologists believe will help manage behavioural symptoms of FASD?
Dr Vanessa Spiller
Never Too Late – The Value of a Diagnosis
Dr Tracey Harbour
Estimating the economic burden of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Australia: An economic modelling approach
Dr Amy Finlay-Jones
Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
Workshop Session 1
12.00-13.00 Workshop 1 – Prevention Intervention Parent/Carer Workshop, sponsored by NOFASD


Workshop 3 – Diagnosis Case Studies
Development of an implementation intervention to improve care for women consuming alcohol during pregnancy
Dr Melanie Kingsland
Ms Belinda Tully
Ms Kristy Crooks
Dr Julia Dray
Behaviour Management Challenges

Why standard parenting approaches and Professional behavioural interventions for FASD sometimes fail, and what you can do
Dr Kerryn Bagley


Diagnostic Dilemmas – a workshop for clinicians
Dr Amanda Wilkins
Dr Doug Shelton
Professor Elizabeth Elliot
Dr James Fitzpatrick
1300-1400 Lunch
1400-1530 Plenary Session and Parent Panel

Global prevalence of prenatal alcohol consumption and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Professor Svetlana Popova, CAMH’s Institute for Mental Health Policy Research

Voices of parents and carers for health Professionals – How can we help each other?
Dr Kerryn Bagley, Federation University

Parent Panel: Voices of parents and carers for health professionals – How can we help each other?
Ms Louise Gray, NOFASD

1530-1600 Afternoon Tea & Conference Exhibition
Concurrent Sessions 2
1600-1700 Workforce Training Carer Support Indigenous Health Biomedical
Expanding our workforce development story
Ms Dionne Aitken, & Ms Sharene Kocsis
FASD Support Resources for your Toolkit – collaboration in Aotearoa New Zealand
Ms Rose Hawkins & Ms Christine Rogan
Decolonizing FASD: An Invitation
Dr Michelle Stewart
Time- and dose-dependent associations between prenatal alcohol exposure and placental global DNA methylation
A /Professor Jeffrey Craig
Assessment, advice and referral for alcohol consumption during pregnancy planning and early pregnancy
Dr Melanie Kingsland,
A Training and Support Course for Parents and Caregivers of Children and Youth with FASD
A/Professor Anita Gibbs & Ms Margaret Eketone
“Bringing them Home.” Adverse Childhood Events and Intergenerational Trauma: living with FASD in Juvenile Justice
A/Professor Raewyn Mutch
Prevalence and safety of acamprosate use in pregnant alcohol dependent women
Dr Erin Kelty
Increasing practitioner awareness of FASD: An evaluation of training workshops
Professor Sharon Dawe
Overcoming challenges of caring for a child diagnosed with FASD: A Pilbara Community Perspective
Mrs Tracey McRae & Mrs Elaine
Community driven best practice approaches: Applying learnings from North America on trauma informed practice and care at Marninwarntikura
Ms Jane Pedersen
Facial 3D Image Analysis in FASD
Mr Harold Matthews
Convincing health Professionals to undertake training on alcohol use in pregnancy
Ms Susan Hicksonn
FASD and Carer Mental Health Story*
Mrs Kath Thomas
Cognitive and social/emotional influences on adaptive functioning in children with FASD: Clinical and cultural considerations
Ms Andi Crawford
Mini Panel Discussion

Thursday 22 November 2018


0715-0830 Researchers Breakfast
730 Registration Opens, Registration Desk, Conference Floor, arrival tea and coffee
830-1000 Concurrent Sessions 3
Justice Supporting Rural & Remote Communities Prevention Education
A prevalence study of FASD among young people sentenced to detention in Western Australia
Professor Carol Bower
Researching a captive audience: Lessons learnt from conducting research in a youth detention centre
Ms Hayley Passmore
Empowering Remote Queensland Communities to Address Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: An Effectiveness-Implementation Study Protocol
Dr Dianne Shanley,
Four Part Model for Prevention: A Tale of Two Towns
Ms Annalee Stearne
Developing Awareness of FASD in Education in Christchurch. A work in progress
Ms Tracey Jongens
Key Attributes & Sentencing Outcomes: Preliminary Analysis of 50 Juveniles, assessed for FASD
Ms Catherine Crawford
A Framework for Action: FASD and Reconciliation in Canada
Dr Michelle Stewart
Is the occasional drink ok? Reflections of Indigenous and non-Indigenous pregnant women
Ms Evi Muggli
Navigating the School Years: What Worked for Us
Dr Tracey Harbour
Sentencing FASD-affected Juveniles: Developing Jurisprudence & Practice in WA: Implications for Juveniles, Systems and Government
Ms Catherine Crawford
The many faces of Racism and FASD: What do we know?
Mr Anaru Eketone
Don’t Know? Don’t Drink – Creatively communicating with women who may be pregnant.
Miss Tanya Radford
My 6-year Story of synergistic evidence-based interventions for a 2-8 year-old with FASD … reducing Secondary-Disabilities
Mr Martin Roder
FASD and juvenile justice in Australia: Neuropsychological Implications
A /Professor Carmela Pestall
Maruarra_U a Bunuba word that means to embrace with love and care
An innovative partnership creating holistic wraparound supports for children and their families.
Ms Emily Carter
A. A clinical audit of alcohol screening tool at a major regional hospital in Western Australia Ms Fatuma Hamid
B. Systematic Review of Prevention Interventions to Reduce Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and FASD in Indigenous Communities, Dr Martyn Symons & Dr Rebecca Anne Pedruzzi
C. Preventing Alcohol Consumption during Pregnancy in Fitzroy Valley: AUDIT-C Update, Dr Martyn Symons
FASD in the Australian Education System: Knowledge, Attitudes, Needs, and Practices
Dr Amy Finlay-Jones
The impact of FASD on language & communication skills among justice-involved youth in Western Australia
Miss Natalie Kippin,Telethon Kids Institute
Associate Professor Suze Leitã,
The urgency of addressing FASD within the Aboriginal community, A south west study, Western Australia
Ms Robyn Williams,
Exploring Aboriginal women’s experiences of antenatal care for alcohol consumption: a step towards improving services
Ms Belinda Tully and Kristy Crooks
Book Launch – Mini-Panel Discussion
Sue Thomas
Improving the management of Youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in an Australian detention centre
Miss Hayley Passmore
Triple P training in a remote Indigenous setting: Jandu Yani U (For All Families)
Miss Ellaina Andersson
1000-1030 Morning Tea
1030-1130 Workshops & Oral Talks
Workshop 4 – Co-designing Interventions Workshop 5 – Support Services & Employment Workshop 6 – Education Pregnancy Care
Developing our understanding of foster carers’ experience: Can we co-create an agenda?

Dr Sara McLean

” Reach for the Stars”: Perspective from a Parent Led Support Service and an Employer

Mr Kerry Howell
Mr Aaron Smith
Ms Lisa Smith

FASD and Complex Trauma: A Resource for Educators

Ms Sue Thomas
Ms Jane Weston
Ms Jadnah Davies

Nurturing Families: Piloting the Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP) in Perth
Dr Martyn Symons & Dr Amy Finlay Jones
Ms Jennifer Meehan
Understanding contraception use to support the prevention of unintended alcohol exposed pregnancies
Dr Natasha Reid
Antenatal care for alcohol consumption: a study of pregnant women’s receipt and acceptability of care
Ms Emma Doherty
1135-1305 Concurrent Sessions 5
Screening Advocacy & Policy Therapy & Support Diagnosis
Alcohol Use During Pregnancy And Developmental Outcomes In Infants At 12-Months Of Age
Dr Delyse Hutchinson
Alcohol and breastfeeding: drawing parallels with pregnancy
Dr Roslyn Giglia
Impact evaluation of the Alert Program® to support children with FASD in remote Australian primary schools
Ms Bree Wagner
Comprehensive MDT Assessment in FASD: What are we really assessing and what do results mean?
Dr Haydn Till
Impact of delayed diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder on Australian families
Dr Marcel Zimmet
Regulating alcohol pregnancy warning labels: a case study of inaction
Ms Sarah Ward
Ms Christine Rogan
Psychological interventions for improving executive functions in children with FASD: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Mr Joseph Betts
Affect in FASD and mental health diagnoses
Dr Amanda Wilkins
Screening for FASD among young people sentenced to detention in Western Australia
Dr Rochelle Watkins
Serendipity informed high risk gaps in routine care of young people
A/ Professor Raewyn Mutch
Praise for Change: A Parent Guide for More Compliance and Fewer Meltdowns
Mr Michael Harris
Multiple impacts of maternal alcohol-use disorder on child outcomes: a Western Australian population record-linkage study
Professor Carol Bower
Development of a conceptual framework exploring the neurodevelopmental impairments experienced by children living with FASD
Mr Stewart McDougall
Exploring policymakers’ perspectives on the available policies and interventions for FASDs. A qualitative study
Mr Babatope Adebiyi
Are gross motor skills impaired in children with FASD?
Dr Barbara Lucus
What do Australian psychologists know about FASD and what are their training needs?
Dr Vanessa Spiller
Eye abnormalities following prenatal alcohol exposure and in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A systematic review
Professor Elizabeth Elliott
Discussion Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: The effect on cognitive abilities and sleep in children.
A/Professor Carmela Pestell
Challenges in assessing prenatal alcohol exposure in a study of FASD in juvenile justice
Professor Carol Bower
Discussion Discussion Discussion
1305-1400 Lunch
1400-1445 Short and Sharp Presentations

” Life How It Is “, Ms Anna Gundesen

Community Engagement to Promote Positive Change for Families Affected by FASD in the Fitzroy Valley – Ms Cari Mcilduff & Ms Jadnah Davies

Prenatal alcohol exposure at binge level at trimester 1 associate with genome-wide DNA methylation at birth – A/Professor Jeffrey Craig

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Does diagnosis really matter? – Dr Heidi Webster

Can informal assessments be used in FASD diagnosis? Graphomotor examples from the Lililwan Project – Dr Robyn Doney

A Transdiagnostic Approach to Early Identification and Intervention for Children at-risk of Neurodevelopmental Disorders – Dr Amy Finlay

1445-1540 Plenary Session
Epigenetic Signatures of Human Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – Opportunities and Challenges
Dr Michael Kobor, University of British Columbia, Canada

Keynote Presentation
Mr Michael Thorn, CEO, Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education

1540-1610 Awards and Final Remarks
1610-1710 Farewell Refreshments
Conference Ends